Raytheon Retirement 401k

The Retirement Group must work with your company’s benefits administrator should you choose to become a client. One of the major administrators we have assisted our clients with is Fidelity. Although The Retirement Group is not affiliated nor endorsed by Fidelity, Netbenefits, or Bank of America we are skilled in navigating the Netbenefits site and have assisted our clients in accessing their benefits information.

Netbenefits (www.netbenefits.com) is the website to view and manage your retirement accounts. Access to 401(k) information, preferences, and options are available. The site is incredibly user-friendly. The NetBenefits site has 2 key sections, Home and Savings & Retirement. The Home page provides balances and portfolio totals. The Savings & Retirement pages give additional account details and access to third-party research tools to assist in making informed investment decisions. As a Raytheon employee, you may be eligible to participate in your companyís 401(k) plan. This page is dedicated to giving you the information you need to make the most of the Raytheon 401(k) plan. If you find this information helpful, please help us spread the word at Raytheon. Our company offers a free initial consultation if you are within 3 years of retirement. The benefit to you of having an initial consultation with one of our financial advisors is that they can help you make decisions about your entire investment portfolio as well as answer other questions you may have. The meeting can be held at in your office or on the phone. To request a meeting, please click here or call 800-900-5867.

Which Portfolio Is Right For You?
Here are samples asset allocation recommendations based on the level of risk you decide to take. When meeting with us, we will review your individual situation and discuss a plan that meets your investment objectives and risk tolerance. To determine your tolerance for risk so that you can choose the portfolio thatís righ