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Welcome to The Retirement Group (800) 900-5867

If you're looking for retirement-focused advisors to provide disciplined investing strategies, offer a straightforward market perspective, and help you navigate market volatility, then you have come to the right place. If you have any questions, please email us at info@theretirementgroup.com

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How to Begin Your Journey

1.Get the Guide for Fortune 500 Employees

The Retirement Group has put together a detailed retirement guide for Fortune 500 employees.

2.Watch a Webinar

Our team of retirement-focused advisors have put together a series of webinars which cover pension planning, how to avoid mistakes with your 401(k), and more.

How does The Retirement Group Differ From Other Firms?

Unlike many money managers who offer generic portfolios, we design portfolios to your individual needs and goals. The Retirement Group runs cash flow projections for our corporate clients so we can determine your income needs. This is important because an individual retiring from AT&T, for example, have completely different investment needs than someone that may not be dependent on a pension or corporate 401(k) account. Furthermore, you will have a dedicated corporate-focused advisor who calls regularly to keep you informed of changes.

The Retirement Group:

  • Checkmark Run Cash Flow Projection
  • Checkmark Calls regularly to keep you informed
  • Checkmark Design a portfolio utilizing your goals and your corporate pension
  • Checkmark Weekly webinars to keep you informed

Some Money Managers:

  • cancel Only Sell Annuities
  • cancel Provide cookie-cutter portfolios
  • cancel Only call when they have something to sell

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Webinars for Fortune 500 Employees

 Download The Retirement Group's Most Popular Fortune 500 E-Books

The Retirement Group firmly believes education is key in the retirement planning journey, which is why we're offering these complimentary e-books.


What To Do With An Early Retirement Offer

Many companies offer employees early retirement packages to encourage them to leave. In this book, we address what could be included in an early retirement offer, & how an early retirement offer would affect your retirement savings?


Lump-Sum Option Vs. Annuity

In this ebook, we'll evaluate how interest rates potentially affect your pension lump-sum payout, how you can potentially recreate a paycheck in retirement & how to minimize taxes and penalties during the retirement planning process.


Net Unrealized Appreciation

This ebook discusses how to determine if Net Unrealized Appreciation makes sense for you and your retirement plan, when may NUA be advantageous  for you & when would NUA strategy make more sense than a tax-free rollover.

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