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The retirement planning process at The Retirement Group begins with a seminar. After attending a series of seminars we will help you with your overall objectives.

Our workshops are conducted by experienced advisors who have been trained by The Retirement Group on the intricacies of the Defined Benefit, Cash Balance and Savings Plans. You are given the opportunity to meet with us at the office or visit our offices and meet with our trained financial planners to review your situation.

We discuss all options available to you. If you are in the position to maximize your cash out option and ready to retire, we will analyze your cash flow and develop an investment plan that coincides with your needs to determine if you can afford to retire.

The Retirement Group helps simplify preparation for retirement. We can complete all the necessary paperwork to apply for retirement. If The Retirement Group manages your retirement rollover accounts, we will monitor the investments and provide easy to read quarterly statements and newsletters during retirement.

Some of the Fortune 500 employee related services we offer include:

1) Presenting retirement workshops & seminars at a location you choose

2) Providing Free Initial Consultations for employees of Fortune 500 companies

3) Providing Pension Calculations & Estimates 

4) Completing all Employer Retirement Forms

5) Processing Retirement Plan Rollovers 

6) Managing Retirement and Investment Accounts

Our educational workshops explain how you can get the most from your Retirement Benefits and answer questions such as:

1). When is the best time to retire from to receive the maximum benefits?

2). How will the changes to the my 401(k) plan effect my retirement?

3). If I am offered an ERB, EEP, ISP & RIF, VRIF, or a job cut or lay off how will this effect my retirement income?

4). How can I receive monthly income from my pension cashout distribution without penalties before age 59 ½? What are the pertinent issues in choosing between an annuity or a cashout?

Each associate of the group has been hand selected by the retirement planning department of The Retirement Group and was chosen based on experience and knowledge in financial planning and portfolio construction.

* The Retirement Group® is not affiliated or endorsed by any company or employer which includes, but is not limited to *AT&T, *Bank Of America, *Chevron, *Hughes, *fidelity.com, *Wyeth, *Northrop Grumman, *Merck, *Raytheon, *Coca-Cola ,*Qwest, *Pfizer, *Caterpillar, *ExxonMobil, *Sempra Energy, *San Diego Gas & Electric Company, *Southern California Gas Company, *Altria, *Ameren, *Anheuser-Busch, *APL, *AT&T, *Bank of America, *Blackhawk Networks, *Boeing, *Caterpillar, *CenturyLink, *Chevron, *Citigroup, *Clorox, *Coca-Cola, *Colgate, *Con Edison, *Dexone, *ExxonMobil, *GlaxoSmithKline, *Home Depot, *Honeywell, *HP, *IBD, *Kimberly-Clark, *Lockheed Martin, *Merck, *Monsanto, *Northrop Grumman, *Pepsi, *Pfizer, *PG&E, *Phillip Morris, *Qwest, *Raytheon, *Safeway, *San Diego Gas & Electric, *Scotts Miracle Gro, *Sempra, *Siemens, *SoCal Edison, *Sony, *Southern California Edison, *Teradata, *Toyota Motor Corporation, *Tropicana, *Verizon, *Wisconsin Energy, *Wyeth and *Verizon