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The TRG Telecom Group is comprised of a team of retirement specialists that focus on assisting telecommunications employees through their transition into retirement. Our team members have consulted with thousands of employees of such companies as AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink as well as former employees of SBC Communications, Ameritech and Qwest. Our objective with these employees and former employees is maximizing retirement benefits while minimizing taxes through retirement. We provide comprehensive pre-retirement and retirement planning to help understand and maximize your company’s benefit plans. Each advisor was hand selected based on their pension expertise, experience in financial planning, and portfolio construction knowledge. The Retirement Group takes a teamwork approach in providing the best possible solutions for our clients’ concerns. The Team has a conservative investment philosophy and diversifies client portfolios with laddered bonds, CDs, mutual funds, ETFs, Annuities, Stocks and other investments to help achieve their goals. The team addresses Retirement, Pension, Tax, Asset Allocation, Estate, and Elder Care issues.
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