This article is important to you considering your experience at AT&T as an employee. 

Many people ask about ways to stay afloat while they’re in-between jobs. What people fail to realize is oftentimes the steps you take before leaving your current job can be even more crucial. Here are a few tips to consider before leaving AT&T.


1. Open a line of credit at your bank or credit union. You may also consider opening at least one credit card, or increasing the credit limit on cards you already have. It can be very difficult to get a loan, get a line of credit or open a credit card after you lose your job. Banks usually do not want to lend money to people who are unemployed. Considering you are you unsure how long it may take to find your next job, it’s wise to consider a back up plan for accessing cash in an emergency. It's possible you've never been in a position where your credit score was low or you could not get a loan. When you are unemployed, your credit rating and ability to get credit will almost certainly take a hit.

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2. Write down everything. In a stressful time, it’s good to keep accurate notes, with dates and times of discussions and who participated in those discussions. Journal keeping is a great way to deal with these times. It helps you keep track of crucial information and also helps you keep tabs on conversations you have with any superiors regarding your activities, and impending layoff. 

3. Use Careen Path to build your Resume. Once your resume is looking good, utilize LinkedIn to pursue opportunities and connect with friends, employers, or even old coworkers. 

4. Print out/download any corporate training documents you have.

5. Make a list of those around you whom are in the same position. It may be a good idea to stay in touch and support one another  Make LinkedIn Connections with those close to you. You may feel upset or embarrassed, and your instinctive reaction may be to lay low. It's wise to confide in positive-minded family, friends, and former colleagues. Career counselors and support groups can also make a big difference and can help you gain an alternative perspective on your situation. You are not alone. Many others in your company are in the same situation and will want to discuss their frustrations.

6. Resolve Anything You're Uncertain About. Many people in this situation are still wondering what the criteria was that dictated their removal from their position.  Rather than dwelling on what the reason might have been,  it’s wise and sometimes relieving to ask your supervisor or leadership team what the decision criteria was based on.

7. Look Through All Documents Thoroughly. The ADEA sheets will list, by job title, the age of those in your universe, the population total of people in your universe with that title at that age, the number “selected” to participate in the surplus, and the number not selected. These documents will show you how the universe maps by age and job title.  Look out for anything that may be considered age discrimination. You may want to use an excel document to sort this information

8. Download all of your contacts. Anyone you’d like to retain in your life – friends, colleagues, etc.

9. Print out/download all of your pay stubs.

10. Keep Networking! LinkedIn Should be a major focus of your efforts. Whatever the source, attempt to make as many connections as you can, and maintain your contacts – with peers, supervisors, vendors, etc. Despite your employment ending at AT&T, your relationship with everyone at AT&T doesn’t have to terminate as well. Some of these folks could play a huge role in helping you find your next endeavor.


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