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Osaic Wealth Inc

One Vision, Multiple Voices

Osaic Wealth, originally Advisor Group, stands as a prominent network of independent wealth management firms. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, it is distinguished as one of the largest networks of independent broker-dealers in the United States. Boasting a formidable presence, Osaic Wealth comprises over 10,000 registered representatives, many of whom also serve as investment advisors. This vast network includes several broker-dealers, all unified under the Osaic brand.


An Industry Powerhouse

The strength of Osaic Wealth lies in its collective capabilities, merging the resources and technology of multiple broker-dealers into a single, powerful entity. This consolidation amplifies our ability to support the financial aspirations of Americans, aiming to secure their financial futures and achieve prosperity. With cutting-edge technology, experienced support, and top-tier service, Osaic Wealth is uniquely equipped to guide advisors through the evolving challenges and opportunities in the wealth management sector.


Tailored for Every Advisor

Osaic Wealth respects and nurtures the distinct cultures and identities within its network. By maintaining the unique qualities that have driven the success of its constituent firms, Osaic ensures a harmonious fit for every advisor’s style, passion, and business approach. Advisors at Osaic Wealth enjoy the best of both worlds: the robust resources of a large firm and the personalized touch of a smaller organization. Our comprehensive support system, powered by a flexible open-architecture model, provides customized solutions, allowing advisors to operate their businesses in the most effective and comfortable manner.


Strength & Stability

Osaic Wealth, building on the legacy of Advisor Group, oversees an impressive portfolio, indicative of its significant market presence and stability. This is further exemplified by a high advisor retention rate and the long tenure of our advisors, reflecting our commitment to fostering lasting relationships and continual growth within our network. As a collective of dedicated financial advisors and a leader in financial services, Osaic Wealth is at the forefront of industry innovation and plays a pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape of America.

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