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Wesley Boudreaux

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AT&T Lump Sums Will Likely Decline in 2022 After Hitting Highs in 2021

Oct 15, 2021 7:05:00 AM
written by Wesley Boudreaux

The November interest rates, which AT&T uses to determine lump sum values for everyone who retires in 2022 will be released in mid December. Rates increased in November and if that trend holds we could see a reduction in lump-sum values for AT&T employees who retire in 2022. AT&T interest rates decreased in 2020 causing 2021 lump sums to hit record highs. However, rates are now rising which will likely reduce lump sums for those who retire in 2022. When interest rates move up or down, your pension lump sum amount will move in an inverse relationship. Through the pandemic, interest rates have dropped dramatically which has greatly increased many lump sum payments. This trend culminated in record lows for individuals who commence their benefits 2021. However, rates have increased in 2021, and larger trends show that they will likely increase further, potentially causing a significant reduction in pension lump sums in 2022.



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