If you work for AT&T and are nearing your Retirement Years this information will apply to you specifically.

AT&T History

AT&T has a complicated history of breaking up and merging back together. In 1984 the giant corporation was split into regional telecommunications companies known as the "Baby Bells." Since the break-up, these companies have merged once again to form the present-day AT&T.  Due to AT&T's mergers, understanding the complexities of the pension plans can be a challenge. Click the button below to get in contact with an AT&T specific advisor here at The Retirement Group.



Service Pension Eligibility & Calculation

AT&T relies on the “modified rule of 75” to determine an employee’s retirement eligibility, pension, and retiree medical benefits.

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Anyone nearing retirement should know his or her number. That is, how much you need saved to retire. As an AT&T employee nearing retirement, there’s another important number to know. You could say it’s just as important as the target amount you plan to save in your AT&T 401(k) plan to help supplement your AT&T pension. The number is 75, and it can greatly impact your AT&T retirement benefits.

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How it Works

You are eligible for a vested pension benefit after five years of service, but your benefit will be negatively affected if you do not reach the age AND service breakpoints for your employment position. You must meet BOTH minimum requirements.

For example, let’s assume you have 24 years of service and are age 51. Although the combination adds up to 75 (24+51=75), you do not qualify because you fail to meet both minimum requirements at each break point.

For AT&T management employees who meet the 75-point rule but don’t have 30 years of service, their pension benefit will be reduced if taken before age 55.

If you do not meet the 75-point rule yet and are pension eligible (5 years of service), you will receive your earned AT&T pension at age 65. Taking it prior to age 65 will result in a significant reduction.

Further, employees who satisfy the modified rule of 75 may be eligible for subsidized retiree medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits.

"You are eligible for a vested pension benefit after five years of service," silhouette of electric towers

There are many different plans available from AT&T. We will outline how the Craft & Management pension plans work because the majority of employees fall under these plans. Let's take a look at a timeline example for Joe Smith:

Craft Pension Plan

In 1990, Joe is hired by AT&T and participates in the Craft Pension Plan:

Craft has a defined benefit plan that uses pension bands. A pension band determines your benefits based on your job title/grade level/occupation. Joe will receive a monthly dollar amount into his account for each year of service. Joe's benefit (pension band) may change yearly.

Management - Cash Balance Account

In 1997 Joe Smith switches to Management and participates in the Cash Balance Account:

After 5 years of service Joe will be fully vested with no term age penalties. If he receives salary increases, this will affect the calculation of his final benefit. Joe will receive his benefit in the form of a Lump Sum, upon retirement. In May of 2002 this account type was frozen by AT&T.

CAM Pension Plan

In 2001, Joe starts his CAM pension plan:

Assume $0 opening balance as he came from Craft Joe was hired before 6/12/01 so he is fully vested and eligible immediately. Joe's pension benefit may decrease during his early 60's due to life expectancy. (Misconception: When you hit 30 years of service pension benefit decreases) Early retirement discounts & penalties may apply, but not if Age 55 with 30 years.

Joe Smith's Pension Plan

This is a typical/generic example for how your benefit works, however each of you have different scenarios in which hire dates, years of service, age, salary, job, and more will affect your plan. The retirement group has worked with numerous AT&T employees, so our experts will be able to work through the specifics with you so you can get the greatest benefit.

silhouette of buildings under cloudy sky during sunset "If you leave the company and come back, your NCS is not instantly credited from the day you return."

Are you Craft or Management?

Have you taken an extended leave from the company and come back thus bridging your service? Did AT&T give you a new NCS date? Well anytime you are dealing with bridging issues, it can complicate your pension calculations. Often Fidelity will not be able to provide you a pension estimate online and you’ll have to order manual calculations.

There are various rules regarding bridging. One important thing to know is that if you leave the company and come back, your NCS is not instantly credited from the day you return. There is a waiting period until you can take credit for your years of service during your second tenure.

In terms of changing from Craft to Management, or vice versa, you will end up with two pensions and two 401(k)s. We will make sure that we maximize every account that you have and not leave anything out.


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