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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Smart Holiday Budgeting for Retirees in 2023

As 2023's holiday season approaches, retirees relying on Social Security and other fixed incomes face the challenge of managing their holiday...

Financial Planning

College Cost Data Released for 2023-2024

Every year, the College Board releases new college cost data and trends in its annual report. The figures published are average cost figures based on...

Financial Planning

Most Medicare Costs Are Increasing in 2024

Premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance amounts for Original Medicare generally change every year. Here's a look at some of the costs that will apply...

Financial Planning

Medicare Open Enrollment Begins October 15

If you are covered by Medicare, it's time to compare your current coverage with other available options. Medicare's Open Enrollment period begins...

Financial Planning

2023 Year-End Tax Tips

Here are some things to consider as you weigh potential tax moves between now and the end of the year.

Financial Planning

Market Month: October 2023

August proved to be a tough month for stocks, with each of the benchmark indexes listed here ending the month notably lower. Investors tried to...

Financial Planning

Quarterly Market Review: July-September 2023

The positive momentum of the first two quarters of the year did not carry over to the third quarter. Inflation continued to prove stubborn throughout...

Financial Planning

LSC Communications Pension Termination

In a pivotal move, LSC Communications has made the difficult decision to terminate its pension plan, a decision driven by the plan's significant...